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If you have ever experienced the death of a loved one or faced your own mortality, if you have ever wondered what life is all about, why you are here, and how you can live more fully present in the life you are living right here and now, Simply Sacred is for you.

Through stories, insights, and meditations on life, death, and spiritual awakening, Irene Kokatay encourages and guides us to deepen the experience of the sacredness contained in the everyday moments of our lives. In this deeply personal and poignant journey to heart of being human, the author weaves together her unique experiences as a hospice counselor and her spiritual explorations in India to inspire us as we each travel our own path to greater wholeness, freedom, and joy.

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“A heartfelt book probing the meaning of life in intriguingly nondenominational terms, creating from multiple spiritual traditions a more general conception of sacredness in everyday occurrences.” “A broad and engaging guide to a deeper personal philosophy.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

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Simply Sacred

Simply Sacred