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Simply Sacred


That was the text message sent on January 13, 2018 to every mobile phone in Hawaii by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. Author, Irene Kokatay’s heart stopped as she tried to process the fact that she was about to be vaporized. After 38 surreal minutes a second message informed the people of Hawaii that the warning had been sent in error.

Imagine how you’d feel if you knew you had less than an hour to live. There’s nothing like being faced with your own mortality to jolt you into the here and now.

But what if you could live here and now in your day-to-day life?

Perhaps, like the author, you also wonder who you are, how you got here, and how to make sense of the mystery of death? Many of us are experiencing an urgency to wake up, to live more fully in the here and now, and to stop taking our lives for granted.

Those of us who are spiritual seekers know there is something more to life, something just out of reach. You may feel disconnected or incomplete, but sense an intrinsic wholeness at a deeper level of your being.

Simply Sacred explores the deeper questions of life and death.

Through stories, insights and contemplations inspired by years working with death and dying as a hospice counselor, and extensive travels in India studying the wisdom of the East, the author guides you toward an ever-deepening experience of what it means to be human.

Simply Sacred is more than a book–it’s a spiritual journey of awakening to greater authenticity, joy, and inner peace right here and now in your everyday life. Simply Sacred is for you if you want to:

The anecdotes and spiritual teachings in Simply Sacred offer guidance, inspiration and knowledge to those on the path of self exploration. Some of the topics you will explore include:

“A Heartfelt Book Probing the Meaning of Life” -Kirkus Reviews

In these challenging but exciting times, many of us are experiencing an urgency to wake up to a fuller expression of who we are, to experience the sacredness contained in the everyday moments of our lives, and to contribute to life in a meaningful way. Join Irene Kokatay on a rich voyage into the heart of life starting from right where you are.



“A heartfelt book probing the meaning of life in intriguingly nondenominational terms, creating from multiple spiritual traditions a more general conception of sacredness in everyday occurrences.” “A broad and engaging guide to a deeper personal philosophy.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

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Simply Sacred

Simply Sacred